Willmore Wilderness Park is located in one of the most remote and rugged regions of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is situated directly north of Jasper National Park. This area is one of the most spectacular regions on earth yet dramatic and sudden changes in weather can create perilous situations. Wildlife abounds in the park, however one must be cognizant of the possibility of predators, such as grizzly and black bears, cougars and wolves.

People & Peaks Productions specializes in outdoor documentary film production. Their shoots take place in the isolated valleys and on pristine summits. Areas include Willmore Wilderness Park, Jasper National Park, and Kakwa Wildland Park.This film company produces high-quality high definition expedition films with breathtaking imagery and compelling, dramatic narratives.

Understanding our past is critical to building our future. Stories are woven with historical facts while today's characters of the eastern slopes examine current issues and challenges. Legendary mountain people share their stories of days gone by, along with their vision and hope for future generations.